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There are a multitude of reasons to enroll in USA Karate's martial arts training program. At USA Karate, we are dedicated to providing the best martial arts instruction available. Our youngest members start at just 4 years old and our oldest active member is 76 years of age.

Our proven system provides a positive, safe and supportive environment for learning. Our Belt color advancement system is specially designed to rewards effort, achievement and promotes goal setting by creating small steps on the route to achieving a larger objective. Regular success encourages the growth of a positive self-image and Self Confidence that will carry over into other aspects of life such as in academics. 

Karate also builds strong bodies by physically challenging students to improve coordination, balance, flexibility, and core strength while developing self-defense skills that will give you automatic karate reflexes needed to feel secure in a threatening situation.

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Jumping JJ at his Black Belt Graduation

"I love everything about this place. We moved to Minnesota from 2 states away last summer and this is the only place besides my actual house that feels like home to me up here. The karate program has been fantastic for my daughter and the yoga has been a true and sincerely life changing experience for me. Good people, good business."

USA Karate Burnsville Location

509 East County Road 42, Burnsville, MN 55337 (Next to Byerly's)

Call To​day to schedule a FREE introductory class: 952-892-6565

Karate Graduates Celebrating their New Belts

"The kids and I all love it here! They have learned so much. They love the physical aspects, of course, but more than that they have learned about being good people. The character development program is wonderful."

USA Karate Rosemount Location

14879 South Robert Trail, Rosemount, MN 55068 (Next to Aldi)

Call To​day to schedule a FREE introductory class: 651-423-3435


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509 East County Road 42, Burnsville, MN 55337 

Call: 952-892-6565


14879 South Robert Trail, Rosemount, MN 55068 

Call: 651-423-3435

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