The Benefits of Karate

How karate benefits adults

Karate is one of the martial art forms that requires both physical and mental focus. The training process builds a connection between mind and body making the students more self-aware. The other benefits of karate include:

Physical fitness: Karate is a physical activity which exercises the whole body. The various self-defense techniques help to develop physical strength and keep the body fit and flexible.

Mental fitness: Karate requires a lot of focus and concentration. Observing and anticipating your opponent’s next move is one of the features of karate. When blocking out all distractions and only focusing on the person in front of you, you are honing your mental focus.

Respect: Both self-respect and respect for others is a powerful lesson taught in karate. By never underestimating your opponent you have to constantly give your A-game. The technique helps you to respect both yourself and the other person.

Self-confidence: This is a very important benefit especially for women. Knowing that you are equipped to defend yourself in a tough situation gives you a new level of self-confidence. Any individual who knows how to protect themselves has the self-confidence to take more chances in life.

Self-defense: And finally, what karate teaches you to do is to defend yourself. True to any martial art form karate trains you in hand to hand combat techniques that could potentially save your life if the situation arises.

Karate provides these and a number of other benefits. Training with other people in a class makes you a team player and gives you an opportunity to meet new people.

Families in Karate

Our youngest members start at just 4 years of age and our oldest active member is 76 and working to achieve his Black belt level. The flexibility and activity level will help you drop or maintain your weight, increase your muscle tone as well as greatly improving your balance and hand eye coordination. Active adults are proven to live happier and more successful lives while having reduced health problems as we age. 

Adults in Karate

Our Adult classes are focused on developing confidence, fitness and self-defense skills in a controlled and fun environment. Our Adult clientele is as much as 40% female and many of our Adults also have their children enrolled in our junior program.