USA Karate is more then just Kicks and Punches

USA Karate specializes in helping people develop a healthy mind and body, and to feel more secure through quality, comprehensive, and professional karate instruction. Whether your goal is self-defense, greater confidence, physical conditioning, stress reduction, flexibility, coordination or sport, USA Karate is the POWERFUL ALTERNATIVE that will get you the results you are seeking.

Experience Results You Can Feel

One of the major benefits of the highly structured and proven training program at USA Karate is the gradual, but consistent improvement in your level of physical conditioning. You needn't worry about being in top condition before beginning lessons. With USA Karate, you will not only see the difference, you'll feel the difference that the POWERFUL ALTERNATIVE makes, as you develop a healthy mind and body

Building a Healthy Mind and Body

USA Karate's program of physical and mental training will help you develop agility, grace, coordination, and a positive self-image. More and more people are discovering that USA Karate's Martial Arts Training program is the key to improving self-confidence and personal security. Through your martial arts training, you will gain physical skills and an awareness that will give you peace of mind. Your poise will make you a much less attractive target than someone lacking your confidence and self-assurance. Use your USA Karate training to avoid physical situations without getting physical. The POWERFUL ALTERNATIVE is a proven program that will help you to create a healthy mind and body.

How karate benefits Kids

Your child will benefit from USA Karate in many ways. Many physicians recommend USA Karate as a way to help children achieve social, physical, mental, and emotional growth. Their attention span, and ability to sit still and learn will increase through the self-discipline that they will develop as they train at USA KARATE. As their karate skills improve, so will their self-image. Your child will become more willing to try and excel, and their fear of failure will diminish. The multiple colored stripes and belt progression system provides a short-term goal structure that will teach your child to be success oriented. 

How karate benefits adults

Karate is one of the martial art forms that requires both physical and mental focus. The training process builds a connection between mind and body making the students more self-aware. The other benefits of karate include:

Physical fitness: Karate is a physical activity which exercises the whole body. The various self-defense techniques help to develop physical strength and keep the body fit and flexible.

Mental fitness: Karate requires a lot of focus and concentration. Observing and anticipating your opponent’s next move is one of the features of karate. When blocking out all distractions and only focusing on the person in front of you, you are honing your mental focus.

Respect: Both self-respect and respect for others is a powerful lesson taught in karate. By never underestimating your opponent you have to constantly give your A-game. The technique helps you to respect both yourself and the other person.

Self-confidence: This is a very important benefit especially for women. Knowing that you are equipped to defend yourself in a tough situation gives you a new level of self-confidence. Any individual who knows how to protect themselves has the self-confidence to take more chances in life.

Self-defense: And finally, what karate teaches you to do is to defend yourself. True to any martial art form karate trains you in hand to hand combat techniques that could potentially save your life if the situation arises.

Meet Our Burnsville Instruction Team

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Kerry Kruckow

8th Degree Black Belt

Master Kerry Kruckow began his training in 1981 while earning his Black Belt in 1986 and began teaching for USA Karate later that year. Master Kruckow's dedication to the art and his ability to connect with both Junior's and Adult students has led to many students to train long enough to later enroll their children and in a few instances even their Grandchildren over the past 32 years of teaching.

Master Kruckow took tournament 1st place wins at each of the local N.C.K.A. tournaments: City of Lakes Open, Fall Central States, Twin Cities Open, Minnesota State Championships, Eau Claire Open, La Cross Open, and Spring Central States. He was ranked #1 in the N.C.K.A. Black Belt Sparring Division from 1988-1990 and took Grand Champion at the City of Lakes Open as well as the Minnesota State Championships. 


Aisa Kim

5th Degree Black Belt

Ms. Kim began her training in 1997. She received her Black Belt under Master. Kruckow in 1999. She received her 2nd Degree in 2001. She received her 3rd degree with a specialization in teaching in 2004. She received her 4th degree with a specialization in self- defense in 2009. Ms. Kim joined a very elite group of Master level martial artist by earning her 5th Degree Black belt in 2018

Ms. Kim is currently employed as Program director and assistant instructor. In this capacity has helped many students receive their black belts. Ms. Kim is also an active judge in NCKA Karate tournaments and has worked with many USA Karate students to help them become more effective competitors.


David Younglove

6th Degree Black Belt

Mr. David B. Younglove specializes in helping each individual student build a strong self-esteem in a positive learning environment and started his martial arts training over 35+ years ago on August 24, 1983.

Mr. Younglove began teaching Karate part time in the spring of 1987 after receiving his Black belt at age 17 on January 24th, 1987 and instructed full time from 1988-1990. In June of 1990, Younglove entered the United States Marine Corps and was stationed in California, Hawaii, North Carolina, Virginia, Japan, and Thailand where he was chosen to train Thailand Marines in Hand to Hand Combat.

The discipline learned in karate class helped Younglove to be honored in the top 1% of high power rifle marksman with a spot on the prestigious Marine Corps rifle team where he earned 1 silver and 2 gold medals in national competition. After 4 years, 3 months active duty in the infantry and 1 1/2 years as a reservist Marine MP, Younglove returned to teaching full time from March 1st, 1995 until October 1st, 2006.

Mr. Younglove has assisted hundreds of students build focus and discipline through the teachings of the martial arts and is very proud that many young students he has worked with have later reach out to him to be a character reference for college and job applications.