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Jason Zerck

My wife and I did not think our daughter Amelia would like going to karate. She had gone with our neighbor girl. She loves going to USA Karate & Yoga in Rosemount. The instructors Mr. Seme and Mrs. Johnson are very nice and very professional. They teach the kids to treat others with respect & just to be good kids overall. They teach the kids to focus not only in their class but in school and at home. My daughter proudly told me she used black belt focus in school the other day. Amelia sure is excelling in her karate skills thanks to the wonderful instructors!!

Majd Haddad (Mathew's mom)

From the first day I signed my son up for classes at USA Karate, I start to see many things different with him in a good way! Now he is a green belt. He started to be great in everything like cleaning his room, helping to clean the house, helping with the dishes, and at school too. The school called me to meet my son's teacher and she told me how my son is different than before. He is smarter with more focus, more confidence, his memory is better, he is a good helper, he shares with others what he learns in karate. God bless the teachers at karate that they help my son improve so much. I want to tell everyone to try USA Karate for their family in Rosemont with Mr. Seme and Mrs. Johnson.

Nouv Family

Thank you for all that you and Mrs.Johnson has done! I see a huge improvement in every aspect- at home, chores, at school. She received all 4s on her progress report which is amazing!

Hadassah Ugalde

My kids started karate when they were 5 & 7, they have recently graduated with their first degree black belts. The process has taught my kids many key life skills. Confidence, perseverance, patience, self forgiveness, self discipline. Overall the instructors are very talented, well rounded and very patient with the kids. We are very proud of our kids and grateful to USA Karate Rosemount for all they do/did to help positively influence them.

Morgan S.

We greatly appreciate the time and energy invested by Mr. & Mrs. Seme to teach us about the "7 Habits" to living more positive, productive lifestyles in our Black Belt Leadership program. I've recommended the book they provided, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" to both school staff and friends. If it would become a reading requirement in schools, I believe the students, staff and administrators would reap incredible rewards. It is that encouraging and empowering! We are grateful that our daughter is participating in the Black Belt Leadership program to gain this additional education and enhance her self-confidence and physical skills.

Morgan S.

Joining USA Karate has truly been a blessing in disguise for us. Although we originally explored USA Karate, Rosemount, for my five-year-old son, my daughter was hooked after her very first lesson. In her past eight months as a USA Karate student, her self-confidence, motivation, mental and physical abilities have improved immensely. Now, as a Black Belt Leadership student, she's earning honors at school and participating in their Gifted and Talented program! As an added bonus, I, too, have gained knowledge, skills and awareness through the additional training and materials offered within the Black Belt Leadership program! We are extremely grateful for this program, and for Mr. Seme's and Mrs. Johnson's instruction, dedication and passion for empowering others!

Raza Zaidi

I enrolled my 6 year old son in USA Karate Rosemount to improve his strength and focus. After 6 months, he has not only improved his strength, but also in other areas of his life. The coaches here are amazing at what they do, and go above and beyond to ensure the kids are successful beyond karate. I was not aware of the character development program that goes along with karate. Due to character development, my son now is more helpful around the house doing chores, even helps around the gym without even asking. The biggest improvement I have seen thus far is his focus. He was lagging behind his reading assignments in school. Just in six months he has caught up, and reads more books than he needs to. I am very excited to see the positive improvements this program can bring to kids. Thank you coach Steve. You are doing an amazing work!

Camille Heyman

The Heyman children are growing both in their Karate skills and their respect. They are excited to go and love to challenge each other to be the best.

Amy S.

I enrolled my children in classes about 18 months ago. They absolutely love it! The program is wonderful. The kids enjoy the physical activity of karate. It is much more than physical activity however. It is a program where they learn respect, hard work and goal setting. It impacts our daily life outside of the studio by helping them to do chores at home and concentrate on their school work to earn special rewards in karate class. I loved the program so much that I, myself, joined karate 6 months ago! It is a wonderful way to stay active and be connected with my children in a new way.

Cathy W.

Great learning experience! Joey has greatly improved in school due to the program. He loves and can’t wait to get his black belt in 2021!

Mike Inveen

To be honest, I was quite leery of having my son take karate initially. He was having issues listening, hitting his brother and the last thing I wanted was for him to become more aggressive learning how to punch and kick. He's been in USA Karate Rosemount for about 6 months now and I've already noticed a drastic difference in positive life-skills that I never would have expected. He's now nicer to his brother, a much better listener and respectful in school and home. Nothing against other sports or programs, but more than anything else we've tried, Karate has been by far the most positive and motivating experience for him to date.

Sarah Prill

We joined karate during the pandemic to give the kids some exercise and try something new. We noticed that our son starting having tantrums and crying if he couldn't do something perfect on the first try. Then, he wanted to quit. Mr. Seme and Mrs. Johnson worked with him to teach him valuable life lessons. It's ok to not do it perfectly the first time around, and you have to practice. After regularly attending classes, our son now loves karate and just joined black belt leadership. Karate has boosted his confidence. We couldn't be prouder of his efforts!